Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Facts To Consider For Mobile App Development Across Diverse Platforms

The increasing use of mobile phones and smart phones for accessing internet has made it necessary for business owners to use apps designed specifically for the these users. These apps have emerged as a highly effective marketing tool enabling organizations to reach out to their target audiences in a personal manner. Given the diversity of mobile and smart phone platforms currently in use, business organizations need to consider the following facts while choosing an app development service provider for these platforms.
Mobile Apps Development
Development process differs for individual platforms
It is important for the business organizations to understand the fact that the process of app development varies according to specific platforms. This means that the method used for development of iOS apps might not be the same as that used for developing apps for Blackberry or other platforms.
All app developers are not proficient in every platform
Mobile app development is quite similar to software development in that the developers might be skilled and proficient in a single platform such as Android or Windows only. So organizations requiring apps across multiple platforms might need to hire a team of professionals having cumulative expertise in these platforms.

App features tend to vary with platform and budget limitations
Every mobile app is different even if it is designed to serve a single purpose or attract a specific group of target audiences. This results not only due to the diversity of platforms but also the budget limitations set by the business owners. That is why the features included iOS or android might not possible to integrate in Windows and Blackberry apps development.
BlackBerry Apps Development
Easy functionality and minimal loading time ensure the apps success
One of the key facts to be considered by business organizations while selecting an app development service provider is their focus on the ease of functionality and minimizing loading time. Apps that are too complex to use or take too long to load are mostly rejected by clients. These two key aspects play a critical role in ensuring the success of a mobile app and helping business organizations tap the potential of this expanding market.
Efficient customer support and service makes the app popular

In addition to ensuring easy functionality and attractive design, it is important for the business organizations to set up an efficient customer support and service facility for the users. This helps in enhancing the popularity of the app and ensuring that people get timely resolution to any issues that they might face with the installation or even the performance of the app on their particular mobile devices.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Quick Tips About Choosing The Right E-Learning Courses For Kids

In the modern times, the growing competition in every field tends to make parents anxious about giving their children the best education structure and teaching methods. With the pace of learning having become extremely fast, the use of computers and internet has become integral to the learning process amongst kids in the past decade. This in turn has created avenues to help children learn in an interactive and innovative way through the use of e-learning for kids courses, being offered by various companies.
e-learning websites for kids
One of the easiest ways adapted by parents to enhance the learning experience of their children is by getting them registered with renowned e-learning websites for kids. In addition to this method, parents can choose from the wide range of e-books and apps designed to impart the same level of education to the kids in a more personalized manner.
e-learning for kids courses
However, cutting through the clutter and choosing the right kind of e-learning for kids packages can be a daunting task. Given below are some quick tips that can help parents in making the right choice.

·         Parents need to understand that in order to get the best results, they should select a package that engages the kids through interactive activities and tutorials. For really small kids apps encouraging activities such as coloring and sound recognition tend to enhance the learning process in a significant manner.

·         It is important to focus on the primary purpose of using e-learning packages, namely to inspire and motivate their kids towards interactive learning. So they should invest in courses that ignite the spark of curiosity among the kids in a playful and interesting manner.
·         Every child is different and learns differently, which is why parents should look for apps that can be modified as per the child’s learning needs and abilities. E-learning programs that are flexible and versatile generally tend to provide a better learning experience to the children while also retaining their interest.

·         While keeping the primary objective of child education is important, the parents should also consider the fun aspect offered by e-learning courses. Programs using story book formats and game based learning pattern are preferred by children as they make studies fun filled and exciting.

·         Parents should avoid committing the common mistake of choosing the most popular e-learning programs without understanding whether or not they would be useful for the child in question. Selecting programs that match the child’s individual tastes and perspective is definitely the best thing to do for getting expected outcomes.

·         The e-learning programs should motivate the children to explore and be inquisitive in the positive sense. This helps in enhancing the mental growth of the kids and also encourages them to seek answers to their queries through self-learning. This in turn helps develop a sense of confidence within the children.
 e-learning for kids

·         Most importantly parents should check the user reviews for any e-learning course before investing in it. They should choose to search for general online feedbacks about a specific program, rather than trusting only what is written in the comments section of the online stores offering the courses. This gives them enough information to make an informed decision. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Why E-Learning for Kids Should Be the New Norm

E-learning for kids is one of the best means that can be used for enhancing the learning process in little ones. This represents an online course for children who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills in their respective fields of education. The learning programs are designed to help the kids master or have a better understanding of the basics of computers, mathematics, sciences, and various reading concepts.
 E-Learning for Kids
It is now a well established fact that we find ourselves in the middle of a technological revolution. In keeping with that, kids are now required to use the Internet and all related e-learning tools in an effective manner so that they can lay the foundation of a successful career. Parents can play a key role as motivators in this regard by searching for e-learning websites for kids that are safe and freely accessible to the little ones. These websites can be available in both offline as well as online formats, and are mainly targeted for kids in the age bracket of 5-12 years old.
 E Learning Websites For Kids
Take for example the e-learning website for kids, that offers free math tutorials alongside practice problems for those who wish to improve their mathematical skills. The lessons are all sorted out as per grade levels. An old adage states that practice makes a man perfect and this website offers a number of interesting activities for the practice that is so essential for youngsters. There are also a number of interactive tools that allow kids to interact with the available texts so that they can further enhance their skills.

Benefits of e-learning for kids

-          A platform to enhance and motivate: E-learning helps in enhancing and motivating the kids’ brain so that they are more alert towards their surroundings and can differentiate between the good, the bad, and the dangerous.

-          Convenient: Convenience is another major benefit of e-learning. For parents who are too busy to take note of the educational needs of their children, online learning can help provide a suitable solution. A lot of time can be saved in looking around for a coaching centre.

-          Easily accessible: Ease of accessibility is one of the major benefits of e-learning for kids. Children get to study as per their own convenience while also being able to practice as and when they wish.

If there is a drawback to the whole idea of online learning, it is for those parents who prefer face-to-face education for their kids. Here, it is not possible for them to make use of the various e-learning modules. Also, kids with a lack of self discipline may not be ideal candidates for online studies and an offline mode is the best way to educate them.

Tridat India is an organization that offers e-learning solutions for school kids. Get in touch to know more about how an e-learning program can benefit your kids and help in shaping a successful educational career for them.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why A Custom E-learning Solution Is the Way Forward

Training and learning represents a continuous process and forms an integral part of the corporate world. However, providing a continuous training customized to the individual requirements of learners poses a major challenge. For those who have learning requirements that are targeted and sudden, customized e-learning solutions are often the most effective answer. Creation of customized courses is aimed towards training a specific group with the aim of fulfilling a specific learning objective.
 Custom E-learning Solutions
Organizations that need customized learning courses usually look to get it developed from external companies such as Tridat India who specialize in providing in custom e-learning solutions. This is a sensible approach for a number of different reasons.
 Custom E-learning
§  It allows their internal training staff to be free for channelizing their capabilities that can be better used in catering to the training requirements of the organization on the whole, rather than be limited to a specific group with specific needs.

§  A number of small and medium organizations who are still in their growing phase find it difficult to invest huge sums of money in the development of e-learning service. This is where the professionals come in to the picture.

§  Another issue is the amount of red-tape often encountered by while accessing corporate learning platforms. The necessary material also has to be put through numerous approvals and screenings that would prove a major hindrance to the basic purpose of offering training to the concerned individuals.
 Custom Learning
Negotiating such constraints within the purview of an organization can be time-consuming and tedious. At the same time, a custom educational program can be run on a stand-alone, thus proving a better solution.
 Custom E-learning Solutions
Nevertheless, there exist certain challenges that need to be addressed.

§  All web-based training is planned under the assumption that the target learners are equipped with Internet access and suitable bandwidth for viewing the necessary functions within the developed solution. In case of unavailability of the same, logistics of arranging for learning medium for the learning group needs to be sorted out.

§  A major concern of all custom e-learning solutions is their need to be as user-friendly as possible. Developers would be wise to assume that the user has not encountered any such learning course in the past and needs a smooth initiation to understand the workings.

§  The e-learning service provider needs to have a support team readily available. Whether it is a technical issue or a query on the course content, all matters need to be addressed for effective learning to reach the target audience
 Custom E-learning

The need for customized online learning programs has witnessed a recent surge. It has already been made an integral part of the corporate world while other organizations are fast waking up to their worth.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Modern E-Learning Methods – Scenario Based And Case Based Learning

One of the most effective method is e-learning is through Scenario based learning (SBL). This methodology aims to promote deep learning and awareness among its participant by putting them in real and critical incidents and help them to make correct decision based on its outcome.
 Scenario-Based Learning
Participants are encouraged to interact and connect them to subject by the way of SBL. In this method, many people use videos, stories, real life tasks or multimedia techniques to give learner an experience for lifetime. It helps in many ways if in future the learner gets similar situation, they will react effectively. While we do SBL, many times learners keep it in mind what will be their reaction to certain action but to make it permanent, SBL needs to have following characteristics:
  •  Realism – try to keep events as real as possible
  • Learner Centric – we should keep learner in mind, motivate them by giving scenario that uses their strengths and overcomes his weaknesses.
  • Interactive – high level of interaction makes scenario more memorable
  • Involve applied learning strategies – we should try that SBL should involve participant’s skills and knowledge, giving him task that involves his brains. By this method participant learn by doing the task and not just by hearing the information.

Another effective method of e-learning is through case based learning. This technique is also used with students, by this method learner engages himself in real based scenario and takes decision as per the situation. It helps to build knowledge, improves communication and motivates them to take a decision. It is also effective for employees for motivating them, building their leadership quality, managers give them a case to solve where they understand the scenario what company is going through and then judge it as per his knowledge and skills what should be corrective action.

Benefits of Case based learning:

·         It’s fun solving cases
·         Apply their knowledge
·         Improves communication
·         Cost effective as compared to SBL
·         Improves learning – as we use other’s experience
·         You get to know different solution for same situation

Older methods of training used to be quite boring but now with times these methods have changed completely. Companies are ready to spend huge amount of money just for training their employees and with modern methods like SBL, game based learning, case based, etc so that  their morale gets boost up and they give more than their 100 percent to their company. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Elearning Solutions To Develop Your Knowledge

Elearning solutions have helped develop the corporate sectors in a major way. With the introduction of virtual classrooms, several companies have resulted in a positive scale after training their employees. This is why the elearning companies are developing end-to-end Elearning solutions for the production and development of a company. There are a number of elearning solutions that help the corporate sectors.
 Scenario based learning
Scenario based learning
This system focuses on real life situations to make you understand what kind of scenarios a company goes through. Based on that, they judge it and find a solution. This gives you a real life experience and helps you understand the situation practically.
 mobile learning
Mobile learning
The mobile learning experience will help you use your mobile or tablet devices with content on the go. A number of companies are adopting smartphone technology as their source of information and to provide training with the help of iOS and Android apps.
 Simulations Education
Simulations deliver ideas with scientific and theory based strategies for training and learning. They provide demonstrations for your better understanding and let you practice them as well. The course features time reduction, increase in retention and skill building, real life learning experience and accessing in-depth comparison with traditional WBTs.
 Game-based learning
Game-based learning
To remove the dullness from the regular educational programs, game-based learning is introduced make it more interesting. Several games are designed to engage and motivate employees and develop learning solutions with them. Game-based learning is differentiated into two parts: gamed-based education and game-based training.
 E learning Solutions
If you want to take up elearning solutions for your knowledge development then you should avail it from the top elearning companies in India. Learning is a regular task but elearning provides you the knowledge with practical understanding of the things and make learning more interesting and motivating. So get started with elearning today to improve your learning skills.

How Custom Elearning Benefits You?

Training and education in an organization is a regular and most wanted task at time employees are bored up with the training methods that don’t even work interestingly. But the company needs to pay a huge amount of money to conduct the training sessions. This is why the elearning companies have come up with custom elearning courses to make this training and learning more interesting. Custom elearning suits you training needs very well and they prove to be very effective. There are certain benefits of customized elearning courses.
 custom elearning courses
Focuses on learning
Customized elearning aims to meet your training needs with their special courses. The training offers practical knowledge and ideas on certain real life scenarios that generally happen inside a company.
 custom elearning
The course offers flexibility to learn with time and space. The course can be availed anywhere and at any point of time. Customized elearning offers you the freedom to access content as per your needs.
 custom elearning courses
Cost effective
Rather than striving for the regular training, taking up the customized elearning course would be cost effective. It improves your performance, help in opportunities’ growth and develop your learning skills.
Delivers practical knowledge
Customized elearning course makes training more effective by introducing you with real life situations to practically experience it. This type of learning proves to be more effective and generate higher productivity. You can understand the concept in a better way that the normal training sessions cannot deliver.
 custom elearning
Rather following the regular workshops, it’s better to choose the right kind of training for your overall growth and opportunity. Availing customized elearning also saves your money and delivers the right education which you’re looking for. So if you are going to conduct training then we would recommend you to go for the customized elearning solutions for a better business growth and development.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How Mobile Learning Courses Are Helpful For Businesses?

Mobile learning has helped students achieve knowledge in a better and simpler way.  The concept of utilizing smartphone and tablet devices has proved very beneficial for the education and business sector. Especially, in India, the mobile learning courses have taken the education sector one step forward from where it was standing before. The mLearning India companies have provided an ample scope to individuals as well as businesses to customize their projects with diverse elearning courses with their effective and finest quality solutions.
Elearning solutions those are offered
The M-Learning companies offer a varied range of solutions for the educations and corporate sector. If you are bored with the tedious lectures in the class then mLearning is the perfect solution for that. They offer stunning audio visuals which are integrated with the finest technologies and provide a broader learning experience for students.
Mobile learning has also contributed a lot towards the corporate sectors with their audio visual technologies for soft skills training, process training, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, quality training, process management and business simulations. Their solutions are divided into the following:

·         Custom learning
·         Blended learning
·         Simulations
·         Scenario-based learning
·         Rapid authoring
·         Game based learning
·         Mobile learning

The bigger and greater companies have achieved huge success with the mLearning solutions. Companies like Colgate, Kellogg’s, Tata, Aditya Birla, Ranbaxy, Accenture, Mahindra and Asian Paints have used m-learning services to give their employees an improved learning experience and take their company to a different direction.

Elearning has also innovated a new face of project management where it focuses on the certain elements of the training including initiation, planning, exposure, control and closure.
The mobile learning apps are supported in all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. This becomes easier for individuals to access through all the apps and games which gives a virtual learning experience and help in effective brain development.
Mobile learning solution is the future of the country and going to take it in a progressive stage. Especially, the business and education sectors find it an effective method to teach students and employees and train them efficiently.