Friday, 29 January 2016

A Blend of Traditional Classroom and E-Learning services

In today’s world, students have access to laptops, tablets, smart phones, mp3 players, video recorders and so on allowing them to have a different learning environment. So how is that you can use these tools and technologies to your advantage? The answer is—Blended Learning!
Blended Learning
Blended learning by its name is a new era of learning through a blend of traditional classroom and modern digital technology. It is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace. Blended learning designates the range of possibilities presented by combining Internet and digital media with established classroom forms that require the physical co-presence of teachers and students.
Elearning Services
Blended learning is now almost two decades old, having been imported into K–12 education in the late 1990s from corporate education, business training firms and the post-secondary education sector.

In the world of eLearning, blended learning refers to the complementary use of eLearning in the standard education model, due to the benefits it offers on a broad scale.
Mobile Learning

Blended Learning
Tridat has the capability and resources to bring blended learning solutions—part e-based, part classroom based—under one roof! Not only this, we have developed specific self-help guidebooks that keep the learning active and relevant for a long time. You can now choose e-modules for pre-learning and post-learning efficacy, along with off-the-shelf or custom designed FLPs. We assure you this not only creates better learning and retention, but is also cost effective.
Mobile Learning
Apart from blended solutions we at Trident provide the requirements of your employees through their cell phones, tablets and other devices. The entire idea of mobile learning is to provide content on the go.

We don't believe in providing e-learning on a mobile device but proposing mobile learning to be an integral part of blended learning. Right from quick animations, to videos, podcasts, assessments and much more, our team has the expertise to couple creativity and technology to produce the best possible mobile learning courses in the market.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Acing The World Of MLearning India

With businesses gearing up to meet their competitors eye to eye today, it is imperative that their workforce is up-scaled for the task as well. The contemporary world business houses have come to realize that this up-scaling should not just be limited to the space of classroom training, and should be available to the employee on the move. This is why more and more companies are coming up with mobile apps which can run mobile learning courses for their staff, available anytime and anywhere.
MLearning Courses
Popularity Of Mobile Learning Courses
There are various reasons to why mobile learning is the way learning in the future would work. The first straight benefit which is prompting organizations to invest into mobile leaning course and solutions is the cost saving. With such courses in place, one no longer needs to arrange for training rooms or related facilities. With such modules, all that the companies need is a hosting network where these can be made available to employees. For the employees, they can access trainings on the go, and can include these easily into their schedules.
Mobile Learning Courses
There are various aspects to learning on mobile applications, which the modern day corporate houses look forward to. While technical training on various aspects such as finance, technology and management are generally sought after, the recent inclination has more been towards soft skills. Companies are today looking to up-scale their employees on the softer side of their skill sets, so as to groom them as the promoters of the companies and future leaders.
Mobile Learning India

We are the most sought after company for our services and product offering, when it comes to mlearning India needs. A host of mobile learning modules are in our catalog, which address the needs of various corporate houses. The modules are revisited periodically to ensure that the most recent content is presented to our clients. All of our elearning courses are which are available on mobile applications are designed to be interactive and engaging for the viewers. This makes us the most preferred provider of mlearning solutions amongst our client’s base.

Monday, 18 January 2016

E Learning For Kids – Transforming Education

Competition has crept into all walks of life today, as more and more people try to make their mark in various niches. This is why one needs to be trained from the very start to not just be a part of this competitive environment, but also ace it. This training begins with the children and there is a need today to transform not just what they are taught, but also how they are taught. E learning has hence cropped up as a necessary tool to impart such training to kids.
E Learning For Kids

How Elearning Works
Elearning is a concept of both imparting education and imbibing it, which is aimed at bridging the gap between the traditional ways of teaching and the contemporary learning needs of kids. With computers and gadgets becoming a common sight in homes today, it’s the kids who pick these up first and are able to learn to operate it in no time. E-learning for kids makes use of this very phenomenon and transforms written theory lessons for kids into pleasing audio and visual exercises, which are easy to grasp and repeat. In addition to this, pictures and sounds feed the imagination of kids much better than words, and thus children are able to visualize what they study and absorb it better.
elearning course provider in India
The Power Of Interaction
An important advantage which these elearning courses and modules have over the traditional ones is that they are not just sullen and draught paragraphs of theory or questions in books, but are rather interactive. As an example, while a history lesson in a traditional book would tell a reading child that Edmund Hillary scaled the peak of Mt Everest, an advanced elearning module would impart the same information through a visual of the climber climbing the mountain. This way, the child can click on the screen to get more information and be interactive with the course.

We are a leading elearning course provider in India, and have a tie up with various reputed educational institutions across the country. We understand the needs of children of various ages groups and have customized learning modules for each of these.