Monday, 28 March 2016

M learning India - A New Learning Destination

While inventing this little device called mobile phones, who knew that one day this will do wonders. Mobile phones have gone way beyond their invention purpose of calling. Now they are a major source of entertainment and information. Their information aspect has taken a step ahead and is now has become a source of learning too. This is called m-learning or mobile learning.
 Mobile Learning Courses
M-learning is not E -learning:

It is a common misconception among people that m-learning is nothing but transferring the things to the mobile device. But it requires certain development expertise and particular instructional design to provide the user with what exactly his needs are. The mobile learning focuses on the minimalism of the subject.

How mobile learning is making life easier:

With its best –‘easy to carry’ feature mobile learning is becoming the first choice of people these days. For the people who are on foot all the time, m-learning comes has become the foremost choice of learning.
Mobile learning in India
Let us have a look on some of its features:

Learn while you travel: People who are in sales and marketing barely ever get to sit anywhere for longer. In such case it becomes difficult for them to learn anything new. With mobile learning it has become easy for the organizations to educate their people with the latest technologies and terms.

Choose the medium: Mobile learning courses give freedom to choose the medium of learning. One can go for m books or m videos on his mobile phone. The handy availability of internet makes it even more beneficial.

Learn at your tempo: Everybody has a different speed of learning. Every individual has got to keep up with a different schedule. Keeping these conditions in view, mobile learning has come as the best way of portable learning.

The cloud storage: The cloud storage saves from unnecessary data storing. With the cloud techniques it has become possible for one to have access to huge amount of information.

Learn in groups: With everybody having mobile phone with him all the time, people can create groups and communicate any piece of information any time, thanks to mobile learning. People who are at distant places can come together and share their information and learn via this concept.
 M learning in India

The smart education system of mobile learning is expanding at a fast pace in India. In coming years India is supposed to be the second largest market of mobile learning app. The idea of m-learning India is extremely relevant particularly for distant villages. Not just to the working professionals, this can be very useful for the education sector in India. Many, who are deprived of education particularly higher education due to their inability to attend the education institutions, can be benefited by e learning. Many colleges and coaching centers are adding this one feature to their courses to make the education handier.

Mobile learning is your 24/7 teacher. Unlike desktop, mobiles are with us anytime, anywhere. With this busy era, m learning has made possible to learn even when you are on go. It liberates us from sticking to a place while learning. You can move around and yet keep up yourself up to date with the world around.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Let Kids Increase Their Knowledge With E-Learning Websites For Kids

Childhood as we know is the most beautiful and precious time of one’s life. It’s the time meant for playing, being happy and carefree from the worries of world. Everyone is resistant to anything which interrupts with his freedom and so are the kids.

E learning for kids is a platform where you can get your kid to study even without knowing it. It is such a fun thing to do that your kid will look forward to it. There are very interesting ways of teaching crucial subjects. Most of the subjects that are taught under learning are as below:

  • The Basics: This includes the alphabets and numbers. There are rhymes recorded which actually teach kids the basics in a very friendly manner. You can get these by surfing through many e-learning websites for kids and can make your kid dance to them. This way he/ she will start getting familiar with them.
E Learning Websites for Kids
  • Maths: Though, this is a tough thing which is mostly not liked by kids, turns out to be a game when taught through the new and innovative techniques. It represents the challenges in such a way that they don’t come as a learning burden to your kid.

  • Science: This becomes much interested due to many colorful pictures of animals and flowers. The kid gets thrilled to see all these on a computer screen. Rather than showing mere pictures in a book, you can introduce the moving videos of nature which will give your kid a better understanding of the science around.

  • Computer skills: This comes as a very essential part of the kid’s e-learning websites. Many companies have launched such websites and programs where you can get your kid start with the basics of computer operation. Such E learning programs turn these into a fun game than a learning exercise.
E Learning Websites for Kids
Why you should get your kid to e-learning:

For kids e-learning is a fun activity rather than learning. You might want to opt to it for following reasons:

  • Learn at home: E-learning works great for the kids who are extremely adamant to going out of home for attending school. It may provide them with the basic idea of world. Also in places where there are no feasible situations of attending a school, the e-learning can continue to educate the child.

  • Its play time: The best part of e learning for kids is that it is game based learning. Every part of study is turned into an interesting game. There are many websites which are specifically created with the idea of ‘learn while play’. These games make your child want to play and thus learn more and more.
Game Based Learning

The e-learning websites are extremely useful for the kids who are suffering from symptoms like dyslexia and cannot learn from the conventional way of teaching. These e-learning websites start to connect all the dots in their minds at a very early stage. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

E-Learning Solutions- Education Is Just A Click Away With E-Learning

As soon as the computers came into existence, they became a source of knowledge. Since the very beginning of their manufacture they are being used for the-learning purpose. The internet gave wings to this idea. Studying with the help of internet is called E-learning. E-learning solutions have changed the learning prospect completely.

These days, many universities have switched to the e-learning course particularly the ones who run distance-learning courses. The IT techniques used for teaching purposes are much effective and they are breaking the conventional barriers of studying.
e-learning companies
The Key features:

E-learning Solution has become a need of today. It has influenced the whole-learning process. Let us go through some of the best aspects of e-learning:

Get mentored From Anywhere: Probably the best part of e-learning is that one can get benefitted from any subject specialist even if has no way to meet him/ her in person. There are such lots of renowned professors who teach over internet to a large no of students. One only needs to get enrolled in their courses. Not just that the professionals can learn about the latest techniques and can receive training from a distant location and can keep themselves up to date.
e-learning companies
Learning at Your Convenience: The e-learning allows one to learn things at their pace. One can pick course’s time and the duration of a course.

Affordable: The e-learning solutions have brought some of the best courses in everyone’s reach. Enrolling into a course in a college or university costs a lot of money. E-learning courses come at a much lower cost for there is no expense done on the arrangements. Also if someone wishes to have a course which is available only at a certain place, he can get that that facility of studying though his internet connection.

Test Yourself: E-learning does not limit itself to only learning or teaching, it enable the testing process also. There are many exams which are given online to test a person’s knowledge. One can learn things on his own terms while just appearing for the exam. This helps in getting certain degrees and certification without having to go anywhere. Thus one can possess certificates of some of the best courses in the world.
E-Learning Solutions
The e Library: An integral part of the studies have always been the collection of books, the library. In terms of e books a person can have access to end number of books specialized for his field. There are many e-learning companies who create such online libraries where one can enroll himself and get the benefit of his desired books.

E-learning Apps: With the introduction of smart phones, there have been introduced many e-learning apps. These companies are paying great attention to creating such e-learning apps which not only provide the detailed knowledge but also map one’s progress.

Needless to say that the e-learning apps have spread the education and knowledge beyond the limits like never before. Such a heap of knowledge has become handy to everybody across the globe and has brought education to everyone’s reach.